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About Museums Of Wonder


The Museums Of Wonder Curatorial Board would like to thank you for visiting our website.  

The Curatorial Board is fortunate to have known one another for quite some time, and have had the opportunity to work together on several successful projects over the years within the Seattle arts community, as well as reaching out to wider audiences. We have devoted many years towards enriching local culture, and have joined together so that we can continue in our creative efforts through the Museums Of Wonder project.

The Museums of Wonder is a project we’ve been discussing for quite some time, and we have carefully selected the name in order to best represent our ultimate goal of creating exhibits and events that are fun and rewarding for all. We have already compiled the collections necessary to mount our first several museum shows, and our long-term goals include bringing fascinating traveling collections to Seattle from around the world to be displayed in conjunction with our rotating monthly exhibits.

The Museums Of Wonder website will function as a categorized inventory of other museums, collections, and installations worldwide, affiliated by the common mission to excite, educate, and house valuable collections of wonder to share with all explorers of our curious world of wonder.

We are currently searching for the perfect location for the Museums Of Wonder center of activities in the city of Seattle.

Currently, Museums Of Wonder has activities planned throughout Seattle at various locations, where we will take full advantage of cross-promoting each of the Museum’s exhibits at select venues concurrently. 

The Museums of Wonder’s Curatorial Board:

•  Peter Blecha: [Staff Historian & Contributing Editor with Washington state’s online history encyclopedia,; Senior Curator (1992-2001) with Seattle’s music museum, the Experience Music Project (EMP); member of the Northwest African-American Museum’s (NAAM) Museum Advisory Committee (MAC); member of Advisory Committee for the Oregon Historical Society’s (OHS) upcoming Oregon Rocks! exhibit (2011); member of the Seattle Center’s Next 50 planning team; founder of the Northwest Music Archives; independent exhibit developer; webmaster of the award-winning site and popular blog,; author of six history books; and ace collector.]

•  Marlow Harris: [Real Estate Maven; Writer; Public Speaker; Artist Trust Board Member; former Board Member of Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art; webmaster of the and sites; ;; co-founder of the Official Bad Art Museum of Art and the Traveling Elvis Museum; The Seattle Invitationals; Seattle Tiki; & ace collector.]

•  Jo David: [Artist – M.F.A -U.W.- 1975; Designer; Educator; Idea Guy; Photographer; Cinematographer; Blogger; Entrepreneur; Party Ambassador; former instructor at Cornish College of The Arts – Design Department; co-founder of the Official Bad Art Museum of Art, and the Traveling Elvis Museum; & ace collector. Currently publishing and curating the MIROIR Magazine monthly collections of international eye-candy.]

•  Danny Eskenazi: [Founder / Curator of Seattle’s acclaimed Giant Shoe Museum (at Pike Place Market); operator Dreamland retail shops; & ace collector.]

•  Larry Reid: [Independent Curator and freelance art & culture critic; Founder / Director of Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art (COCA); Founder / Curator of Roscoe Louie Gallery; Writer; and ace guy.]

•  David Price: [Independent bar and lounge interior décor specialist; exhibit designer; & ace collector.]

April 2014 Update: Museums Of Wonder in currently searching for a locations to exhibit and house our Seattle based headquarters.

Any assistance securing locations is greatly appreciated. 


 Museums Of Wonder


Operate a pop-culture museum vital to the needs of Seattle’s community / special events facility with an adjacent, and thematically related, lounge.


Museums of Wonder will provide visitors with an array of treasures in several galleries featuring exciting monthly exhibit themes based on already assembled collections of rare and unusual artifacts.

The museum will feature regular events including: live music, art opening parties, author appearances, VIP parties, an open forum for artists, scientists, visionaries, and dreamers

Space will be created for evening rentals for private parties and events.

The lounge will provide museum attendees, and other customers, with a visually fascinating place to relax and enjoy a coffee and light snack. Decorated, of course, with mind-boggling and eye-popping artifacts, and a fascinating library of reading materials.

OPERATIONAL NEEDS for our future exhibition space headquarters:

Power, plumbing


The Museums of Wonder’s vision:  A vibrant urban gallery presenting exhibits based on overlooked and odd collections of pop culture artifacts and media. An interactive opportunity for the Seattle community to participate, learn, and experience wonder in a shared museum setting.


To create an exciting, new downtown destination attraction.

To create a new neighborhood amenity that will augment and compliment the local community and it’s goals.

To establish a museum that can focus on presenting displays and exhibits based on various realms of pop culture, and history, which are generally ignored by other local museums.

To organize exhibits that approach pop culture history with an edgy sense of humor that can engage locals and tourists alike.

To attempt to demystify the typically oblique and cloistered realm of museum-exhibit and/or art gallery presentation.

To provide a high-quality exhibit space where members of the local collecting community can have an opportunity to share their prized artifacts with the general public.

Meet the changing desires of our audience and visitors.

MUSEUMS OF WONDER – Coming to your imagination soon!

The Museums of Wonder is envisioned as a wholly different type of “arts organization” than any other in the Northwest. Anchored with fun and irreverent exhibits based on already assembled world-class collections of ephemeral 20th Century pop culture detritus, we see potential for attracting people who might not normally ever visit a typically stuffy and highbrow “museum”.

Our intention is to build a facility that will allow for the mounting of several separate and distinct “museums” at any one time – displays and exhibits that will offer visitors a wide range of experiences.

The listing below of “Potential Exhibits” offers a hint about the collections assembled over that past few decades by our team.


•  Official Bad Art Museum of Art (portions currently on display at Seattle’s Café Racer)
•  Giant Shoe Museum (even bigger than those at the Big Shoe Museum!)
•  Seattle Guitar Museum (with rarest examples of locally made instruments, 1909-1960s).
•  The Bob Hale Museum (artwork by Seattle’s pioneering “cartooning weatherman,” of KING-TV, 1950s-1970s, and other NW cartoonists)
•  Classic Hawaiian Shirts (and original Hawaiian shirt art-design pieces)
•  The History of Levi Strauss denim jeans.
•  Punk Jackets (The finest collection of vintage custom-painted, studded, black-leather motorcycle jackets — previously exhibited at the Las Vegas Hard Rock, but not in Seattle)
•  Giant Rainier Beer bottle costumes from 1970s “Wild Rainiers” ad campaign
•  Original 1970s Romance Novel Cover-art (by Franco Accornero)
•  Taboo Tunes (the graphics – banned album covers and posters — of music censorship)
•  Wine & Liquor History in Washington State
•  Velvet Painting Museum & Edgar Leeteg Archive (plus additional original artwork by the genre’s other masters:  Charles McPhee & Burke Tyree – and their less-esteemed copycats)
•  WWII Leather Flight Jackets (with awesome custom-painted backs)
•  Steve Bard’s Strange Collection of Oddities
•  Paint-by-Number Salon – retrospective history of a mid century cultural phenomenon

Here are other show ideas we currently have in development

•  Seattle Center – Century 21 – 1962 World’s Fair inspired exhibit of memorabilia
•  Seattle Art Cars Association – History and show of Art Cars
•  Flower Power! – Yes… Flowers, Peace, and Love
•  Electric Ecentric Exhibit
•  Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch – collection on loan installation
•  The Art of Barbie
•  Tiki Ispired Art, Music and Culture Show – Tiki, Hawaiiana – Wow, a Luau!
•  Trailer Life – Georgetown Trailer Park Mall
•  Victorian Hair Crowns
•  The Zap Comix Show
•  Twin Peaks Art Show
•  Elvis At The World’s Fair
•  The Wedding Collection
•  Northwest Sasquatch Lore
•  Kustom Kulture
•  Northwest Cartoon Greats – and the Evergreen College legacy
•  From Carnaby Street to Haight-Ashbury – Groovy colorful fashion statements of the ’60’s-’70’s
•  Music Promo Photos of Northwest Bands – An Historic Reference
•  Bugs and Beer
•  Nanotechnology
•  Collection of Artifacts from the Future
•  Friends of the Rag – Wearable Art Collection archives
•  Badass! Censored Music and Books
•  Tea Time  – history of tea and ceremony – free tea time
•  Toying with History – history of toy design and cultural trends
•  Mechanical Wonders and Automatons
•  Museum of Miniatures
•  Folk Art – Outsider Art – Tramp Art
•  Lapidary Art and the Walker Rock Garden
•  Richart’s Art Yard
•  Phone Museum
•  Portraiture and Perception
•  Is There A Doctor in the House – Medicine Man – Examines medicine through the eyes of artists, scientists and patients
•  Memory – Test Your powers of concentration and recall with our memory games
•  Museum of Jurassic Technology Traveling Exhibit
•  Museum of Future Artifacts
•  You’re On! – It’s Your Show – Bring us a thing during our great bring-a-thing-athon – nothing bigger than your head – Lend it, gift it, or if you can’t bear to part with it, upload a photo of it – Encourage your friends about submitting a piece for our Open Curiousity Cabinet Show. You are the curator! Calendar of special things in the exhibit and other things blogged each day.
•  Welcome to Your Opening Show – Open to public style curation – A Free Destination for sharing the Incurably Curious – We are all curators of our imaginations and the great writer of our stories. You’re selection and story will become epic!
•  Obsessions and Possessions
•  Ephemera from the Future
•  The Nomadic Museum – Ashes and Snow
•  Secrets of Nature
•  Phenomenon
•  Through the Looking Glass
•  3D
•  Yesterday’s Archaic Technology and Gadgets – Seems Like Just Yesterday You Needed Me
•  Cult Trending
•  Time Machine
•  The Museum Of Missed Takes – Bad art, bad ideas and miserable missteps on the rocky road in pursuit of success (art, film, video, wretched writings, bad decisions, jokes taken too far, good intentions gone horribly wrong)
•  Around the Globe and Beyond
•  “It’s Later Than You Think”
•  Mystery and Illusion
•  It’s About Time – “You Read This in The Past”
•  Museum of Tomorrow
•  Viral Spiral
•  The Reveal! – Museum of Magic
•  The Persistence of Memory
•  Dichotomy – Light and Dark
•  Manipulating Reality – Creative Illusion in 3D Street Art and
Projection Mapping Architecture
•  Inspiration in Creativity
•  Our Changing Planet
•  Kultural Kannibalism – How Our Changing Culture Alters Our Perceptions
•  The Unseen World – The Invisible Life Which Surrounds Us
•  Creation vs Destruction – Ready to Rumble
•  Dangerous Art
•  Amazing Marvels
•  Origins of Myth
•  Finding Your Muse – Sharing Your Story
•  Finding the Light at the End of Your Imagination
•  Animatronic Wonders
•  NUTS!
•  Parade of Postcards
•  Fun Circus
•  ArTechKnowledgy – Art – Technology – Knowledge
•  Awe Shucks! – Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice, Shame on me!  “We dare you to figure this out!”
•  Mystic Marvels
•  Funny Phenomena!
•  SURPRISE!  – Gotcha!
•  “24/7” – The Wonder in Everyday Life
•  Astonishing Discoveries
•  Amazing Mazes
•  Romance?
•  Miracle Elixers
•  Bad Taste and Marketing Blunders
•  Earth’s Elements
•  “I Made It Myself” – D.I.Y. – Open to the public exhibit
•  Kunst-Cabinet – Curiousity Cabinet Collections
•  Camera Obscura – Museums Of Wonder Turns Your World Upside Down!

•  Show us Your Collection! – Online video interviews with creators and collectors.


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